Plateum (English) - Autora Samantha Levin

Diseño de la edición inglesa de la novela con el mismo titulo, que para la edición española “Plateum” de la autora Samantha Levin. 

Sinopsis Traducida: Young Kate Riversttone wakes up lying on the pavement after suffering a blow to the head. When she touches her body searching for wounds, she discovers that she has changed: now she has the athletic and fit shape she had always wanted, her extra pounds are gone. She does not understand anything, her last memories are erased and she ignores how she got there.

After finding out that she is in Boston and two years have passed since her last memory, she realizes that she must have already turned eighteen. She soon realizes that not only her appearance has changed, she can also run at high speed and has developed other powers she did not have before.

Penniless and disoriented, she walks into a bar to access a computer and find her friend Mike’s address. Her brand new good looks are useful and a young man lends her some money.

Through Mike she meets Logan, an attractive former cop with a dark past. Logan helps her to find answers and they begin to feel attracted.

After learning that the young man from the bar is dead, Kate begins to realize that the issue is much darker than she had imagined. Her life gets more complicated by Mike’s ambiguous behavior and Joy’s abduction, her little sister.

Her mental health is cracking because of the strange visions in which she experiences episodes of violence. The key to all is in Plateum, a secret project behind which is someone very close to Kate…

Traducción literaria de la obra al completo, del español al ingles, realizada por la autora Idoia Amo.

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